How to make eating more fun (and healthier)?

In many families, when children get older, a problem occurs. They learn to say no to food . With that, the parents end up getting desperate. They blame themselves for the way they educated, the food introduction , and sometimes, even each other. Often, in despair, the parents end up introducing games at the time of eating . But is this positive?

Involving children in the process …

For children to create a taste for food, it is essential that they become part of meals. Nutritionists recommend that they participate in the process of buying food and even preparing it. Many people only start to like a certain food after living alone. Consequently, you need to cook your own food. This is because, therefore, we are the ones who go to the market, select the food and season it to our taste.

This is no different with children. The smell of the seasoning, the preparation and the child’s involvement in the process can help a lot in a positive relationship with food . If the child is still too young to cook, he can choose the food and help to remove and set the table.

But what about games?

Well, going back to the beginning of our conversation and the reason I started the previous topic: the games. Are they healthy when eating? Are they legal? They are, but with limits. They are good for children if they have the purpose of involving them in the feeding process. It is not legal, for example, to use food as toys. Also, it is important that the game does not detract from the child’s eating time. Let her know that the moment is to eat, not just to play.

Cool pranks to do:

Assemble the dish yourself! There are several fridge magnets in the shape of a food! Give it to the children and ask them to ride with them what they want to eat. This is an indirect form of communication that can be very effective for you to also understand your little one better.

Have a picnic!

Changing the environment can certainly help. Tell the little one that you are going to “have lunch out” or have a picnic. Place the table in the yard or on the balcony and activate the imagination. It’s an easy game to play and the little ones will love it.

Organize an educational meal!

If your child is older, you can take the opportunity to teach him. When it comes to preparing food, explain to the children where they come from. Look for curiosities about what they are going to eat and share with them. For example, explain that carrots have vitamin C and this is good for immunity .

The challenge of the dish!

This is for kids who love board games or playing cards. For each ingredient that the little one puts in his mouth, he gets a point. You can participate too and in the end, whoever has the most points wins! New foods can be worth two points, for example.

Colorful dishes!

A great attraction for the little ones to eat is to make the dish very colorful. Formats of pets, faces or clowns can also help.

Music, please!

Make the moment something special. Put on the little ones’ favorite music and let the magic take over. They will be so excited that they will be able to eat the whole dish. Incidentally, the music can match any of the above games.